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Turn to our cabling and bracing services to ensure you are not facing a big tree removal in Millsboro, DE situation!

If you are on the lookout for reliable big tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, stump grinding, stump removal, tree cabling and bracing, sodding, or emergency tree services, you will be making the right choice with Carol's Tree Service Millsboro. We have a team of skilled and experienced arborists who know how to approach each tree task. Here is more about our cabling and bracing services in Millsboro, DE!

Our goal is to save your trees

Support systems are an important component of any tree care program when the goal is to remedy structural defects. While most trees overcome structural deficiencies, such as cracks, wounds, and weak unions organically, there are some that require extra support to ensure the tree does not pose safety concerns and is also able to heal properly.

To help your tree recover from damage, Carol's Tree Service Millsboro can install:

1. Dynamic Systems

A dynamic system will allow the tree to move in the wind without reaching its failure point. We will use dynamic cables to support weak unions which are not yet cracked open or positioned extremely low on the trunk of the tree.

2. Static Systems

This kind of system completely restricts tree movement. It is the necessary step to take when a tree has an open crack or potential failure point found low on the trunk.

3. Brace Systems

Brace systems involve placing threaded rods through an open crack in an attempt to close the crack. A brace is typically “partnered” with a static system to restrict the movement of the open crack.

Bear in mind that if you do not seek professional help with the cabling and bracing with your damaged trees, you might find yourself in need of a big tree removal instead of a support system. To learn more about our tree company based in Millsboro, DE, and the tree services we offer, go ahead and contact us today. Our phone number is (302) 293-6922.


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